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I WISH I had seen this rubberband trick earlier!!! I had an event to go to and found THE PERFECT shirt but the sleeves were too long and I just didn't have time to get it tailored. So I put back the berry striped oxford and went with a Mormon-white button down.
Expert and celebrity stylist, Ashley Weston shares her quick trick to getting the perfect shirt sleeve length (when wearing a jacket) from her website,
1. Grab 2 rubberbands. Make sure they’re large enough to wrap comfortably around your forearm without cutting off your circulation.
2. Remove your jacket, if it’s on. Place a rubberband over your shirt sleeve, onto your forearm. Around the middle of forearm, where there’s the most meat.
3. Tug your shirt sleeves up until your cuffs hit your wrist (this is the appropriate sleeve length). Your cuffs should end at the bend of your wrist. Bend your wrist up and your shirt cuff should be barely touching the top of your hand.
4. Repeat for the other arm.
5. Throw on your jacket, adjust as needed and you’re ready to go! Make sure that only about 1/2 of cuff is showing from underneath your jacket. If your jacket’s sleeves are short, adjust your shirt sleeves to only peek out a half inch. It’s better to have shorter sleeves with proper cuff spacing, than the opposite.