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Jan Zylinsky, a descendant of Polish royalty, have invited British extreme rightwing MP Nigel Farage to an 18th century style dual. Zelinsky's challenge came in response to Farage's offensive remarks about "East European" immigrants to the UK. I am not sure this is why he chose this way of reaction, but maybe Mr. Zylinsky wants to remind us of times when honor was valuable enough to risk one's life in a dual for it. Of course this is the 21st century and we are so much more advanced than 18th century people with swords, but in the aftermath of two centuries of a struggle to release ourselves from the gripe of hierarchical societies, did we forget about honor at all? How did we become so confused between freedom of speech and freedom of smear?
Honor isn't what people value most anymore. What they value, I think, is very, very different depending on where you go.
Interesting thought....now, even if you lose your honor, and it's spread everywhere online, you can work to erase it. You can work to cover it up. You stand up and apologize, and the remains can be erased, so ruining your honor doesn't mean as much, I think. It's not as simple as putting your life on the line for your honor. Not always, anyways.