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The Gross Bias Tag! :)

Thank you all for tagging me! @PassTheSuga @aabxo @adikiller I almost never choose a bias in any of the groups I listen to....SERIOUSLY. I NEVER do. WARNING: This is gonna be a hella long post.

*This has been updated. xD*

#1. My name is Stephanie hence my username @StephanieDuong :D



#3. If he spat out gum... I would definitely not pick it up and eat it. That's just gross. :P
#4. What made Leo my bias? 1. His voice is the CUTEST thing EVER. 2. On the other end of the spectrum, when he sings his voice is like the gate to the heavens are opening up.
3. I feel that I can relate a lot to his personality because if you first meet me in person, I'm super shy and definitely an introvert. And we can probably all agree that Leo is like that. xD

LEO. Your smile is perfect.

#6. My favorite personality trait of Leo: -His love for Kids and animals -How shy he is but at the same time.... so comfortable on stage. HOW?!
#7. Mmmm.. honestly I don't do the whole "shipping" stuff. Sorry! #8. I would probably go to the movies...... (To hide my sweaty face and hands from from the nervousness.) Yeah lame... but true fact. :)
#9. For me, I think Leo's personality and his intense stare fits dark concepts perfectly. So "Hyde", "On and On" and "Voodoo Doll". :)
#10. -If I would serenade any song to Leo, it would probably be "Can You Smile" by Infinite. Because you know...Leo needs to smile more please. xD #11. To Leo: I hope you and all of your bandmates stay healthy, strong. All of your Starlights will be supporting you! I can't wait for your comeback! FIGHTING! <3 #12. "I love you Leo. Don't eat any worms!" "Tôi yêu bạn Leo. Xin vui lòng không ăn sâu!" (Vietnamese) Thank gosh for google translate. xD And that's the end of my way too excessively long post on this. Sorry it was insanely long. Thank you for sticking around enough to read this!! I hope you enjoyed it and I tag anyone who wants to do it! (Listing will make this EVEN LONGER...)


Ahaha! I think these were too short! I'm pretty sure we could all go on and on about our biases XD But we have self control. Lol I totally adore Zelo! I love the cute gifs you found of him ((; Now I got to know you a little better XD
Aha!!! High five ↖(^▽^)↗@StephanieDuong you did it!! And OMG I'm like the Queen of super long posts so no worries there lol. Leo is just adorable....have you watched Vixx on weekly idol?? So freaking cute. Admittedly I don't know much about B.A.P members specifically so reading your post kinda gave me a rundown on Zelo. And I got to know a lil more about you 😃
@aabxo Haha. Thank you! When I was on google I literally saved almost every gif I found.. haha. @jiggzy19 Yay! Leo! :) @PassTheSuga It took me forever to do this too.. I kept getting interrupted, my phone was dying, and Vingle kept crashing. But I kept pushing forward. haha. I have watched VIXX on weekly idol! So cute!! And you should definitely check out B.A.P!! I love all the members so it was really hard to pick one... haha. xD
Ah yes Leo is one of my biases too! :)
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