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Warm Weather Black Tie

Winter may be over but LA weather pretty much always feels like it's always a variation of hot. Sorta hot. Peak hot only. Triple-digit hot. Sweaty hot. And of course there's all kinds of hot between the lines. But that's just LA. The rest of the country is easing into Spring and will soon have to deal with warm weather. With that in mind, I wanted to share Black Lapel's how-to for black tie apparel in the warmer days coming up.
Black Lapel recently published an article how blue has become the new black for formal black tie affairs. In preparation for the trend, I wanted to share their "Essential Rules" for wearing such formal wear in warmer climate:
1. Choose Blue Wisely by hovering between royal and navy blue. The darker the tone, the more conservative (and closer to black). The reverse is also true; the lighter (or bluer) the color, the less conservative.
2. Slip on some style with a pair of Prince Albert velvet slippers! Also termed the Churchill slipper for leather uppers, these predecessors to the common loafer of today is super luxe and speaks volumes in terms of panache and style. Careful though, DO NOT wear these with socks!!!!
3. Elevate your style with details on the shirt. This means taking advantage of things like French cuffs, turn-down collars, hidden plackets (to hide the buttons), etc.
4. Texturize the look with the right pair of suspenders. Belt-wearers beware! Tuxedos should never be worn with a belt--EVER! Suspenders, if wearing a blue tuxedo, should add interest and complement your choice of blue. A paisley or other pattern would be ideal as it forces the lazy eye to pay attention.
5. Color block your tuxedo with a different pant than the jacket. Remember, from a styling position, there is nothing wrong with breaking up the color scheme. It needs to be purposeful. So, don't fret about a blue jacket and black pant. It's a striking look that is not new to the celebrity type. You'll look like a rock star!
Check out more style and tips at Black Lapel here.
The blue lapel is a classic. You can't go wrong with that.
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