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I have nothing against the rain but when the sky is weeping I just feel a little moody. Maybe that's the vulnerable side of me. The only thing that brighten up my day is a good cup of coffee (be it warm or cold).

Peppermint Ice Cream and Hot Cocoa “Affogato”

A classic hot cocoa top with minty and refreshing ice cream could instantly warm my soul. If I'm feeling adventurous I'll even add a drip of coffee.

Iced Coffee Cubes

Taking a break from your regular ice coffee and replace it with ice coffee cubes makes me feel special on a dull day.
Credit: Kiran Tarun

Espresso Martini

What a man needs on moody day: Booze and coffee. Nothing more.
Credit: Jamie Oliver

Tiramisu Caketail

Talking about a bittersweet day, a little cake and coffee can pretty much sum up how I feel.
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that last picture is great inspiration for a sweet table!
The photography is so surreal and the coffee recipe are mouthwatering!
@AlohaJPark I know right?! That martini tho!
I'll choose this over Starbucks any day.
There isn't a single one of these I don't want to try.