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I feel like I'm pretty decent at styling wigs. I know how to curl and straighten them, fluff and spike them, and even how to style big bangs like Ariel's! But I don't trust myself to cut bangs!
Bangs are super intimidating to me, they lie against your face and they don't grow back if you cut them too short or uneven! Lucky for me, one of my best friends is really good at cutting them!Alex Pinku has cut the bangs on almost all of my wigs! She cuts her own bangs too so she has a lot of practice ^^
She even cut my Megumi wig outside on the terrace at Otakon DIRECTLY before a photoshoot! (as seen here!) There's no pressure, she's just a natural!
But I have three brand new wigs for Tekko and no Pinku to cut them this time! I'm actually pretty worried and I definitely need to find someone to help me this weekend (._.); takers?
Sneaky photo by Yenra Photography (@yenra)
On-site stylerurururururururu.
A Pinku-helper is the best kind of helper.
I'm already nervous enough cutting my own bangs and those actually grow back so *applause* to you guys
I like....rarely cut my own wigs without a friend at my house to tell me" yes yes its ok go ahead" hahaha