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One of my favorite memory during my childhood is enjoying a cob of Mexican street corn from the food cart. Everyday after school I would run to the food cart and walk home with a corn on a cob filled with butter, sour cream, cheese and chilli powder. It was the best thing ever. Now, the only time I can indulge something like this is when I visit our neighborhood Farmer's Market on Wednesdays. I tried to replicate the street corn at home but it's not the same. The vibe is just different. However, if there's one recipe I have to stick with it's the Mexican Street Corn by Seed at the Table. It's the closest to my childhood one.

Street Corn Recipe

Soak the fresh corn in water for 30 minutes then pierce a skewer on the bottom of the corn. Preheat the grill to medium heat (between 350-450 degrees F) and cook for 15 minutes.
Combine mayonnaise, garlic salt and lime juice in a bowl (portion it to your liking). Once you remove the corn from the grill. Smear the spread all over it and sprinkle it with grated Cotija cheese, paprika and chopped cilantro.
It's also really popular to make with corn that's already been cut from the cob. It's called elote en vaso, and it's another great variation.
looks really good
Any excuse for cotija cheese :)
Have you tried it with cayenne pepper? I love the extra kick of heat!
I actually picked up a pack of fresh corn because of this card. lol
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