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Here's the story: a 14 year old boy, Davontae Sanford, was jailed in 2007 after being incorrectly identified as the one who committed four murders in a drug house. With no other options, he plead guilty to get a lesser sentence.
Vincent "Vito" Smothers, who was captured and tried for many, many murders as a hit man in 2008, has explained many times that he is willing to testify to help the teen be released for the four murders he didn't commit.
So why isn't Davontae free yet? Because the prosecutor says that since he plead guilty there is a procedural issue to setting him free. Even though he can be proven innocent because of the details that Smothers, the true murderer, can provide.
And yet, he's not. Davontae isn't being set free. He's been held for 8 years already, and isn't up for parole until 2046.
Regardless of what led to this wrong conviction, this just points out again that the judicial and penal systems in the United States are not fit to handle the truth! When a wrong conviction is discovered, the process to reverse it takes years.
And that is something that needs to change! It's not only the mental and emotional cost that is high for those wrongly incarcerated, but it's also a huge cost to taxpayers!
Let's start this change.
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You're right @drwhat. Such as shame.
@darcysdiary A few of these stories do make the news, but it's not the kind of "sad news" that people like to hear, so it doesn't get the voerage. Such a shame.
Horrendous. Where are the news magazines like 60 minutes and 20/20 and the like? Human beings can be so disgusting.
@drwhat Thanks for the mention--hadn't seen this yet.I really don't know the laws on this but does it differ from state to state on if a guilty plea can keep you from going free if new evidence is found? If so, more people on trial should be told this instead of being forced into guilty pleas to get shorter sentences when the evidence needed to prove their innocence just isn't available!
@amog32 You won't believe this.