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Looks like it's official: Nicki Minaj has reportedly been proposed to by boyfriend and rapper, Meek Mill. The heart-shaped dazzler is lined by two rows of diamonds. Carat weight? Unsure, but it's been speculated the center canary diamond is probably 20 carats.
Enhanced to give better detail.
Wow, I can honestly say I didn't think they would last this long
I laughed out loud at the "Enhanced for detail." Are you being serious!?
If you have a better picture of the ring, then please share @kristenadams. It appeared too gray in the picture so I adjusted the sharpness and saturation. I suppose it looks a bit silly. I won't make that mistake again.
@darcysdiary no i was cracking up cause it totally seemed like some dry humor thing hahaahha
That ring is as out of control as Nicki herself. And @kristenadams I totally laughed to. That thing is ENORMOUS.