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Your signature color: Purple

Personality: Stylish + Risk Taking
A trendsetter and the girl who's always on top of the game.

Your signature color: Coral

Personality: Sassy + Irreverent
The girl that's up for any adventure and usually the life of the party.

Your signature color: Nude

Personality: Simple + Low Maintenance
Down to earth and the girl next door.

Your signature color: Red

Personality: Classic + Sophisticated
You stick with what you know and your key items are always timeless. Despite being a classic you know when to go bold.

Your signature color: Pink

Personality: Feminine + Sweet
A romantic a heart. You're easily touched by warm words and little surprises.
Nude is my signature color. love the variations of nude too
I love all your answers! :)
Nude lips are always great :D is purple fun? @iluvdurian31
I'm purple but I also love wearing nude.
Yep I'm a pink but red looks so good on me too!
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