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Hollywood Life is reporting the REAL REASON why the Jenner-Chyna feud over Tyga hasn't stopped since the dirty laundry began airing in March. "Sources" close to the Jenner clan have intimated Jenner's terrified of Tyga's ex. "She's scary and Kylie knows that she's crazy." Although the not-quite-legal teen is head over heels in love with cradle robber, Tyga, her constant visits to a cosmetic surgeon seems to indicate the love may be one-sided. Chyna's taunting and confidence in getting Tyga back may come too late as Jenner is alleged to be getting her assets enhanced, keeping up with big sis, Kim's voluptuous derriere.
So who gets Tyga? For keeps? Chyna or Jenner? Leave your comment below.
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Pssh. No one should be dating Tyga. He's sort of disgusting.