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Description Poem that goes with this painting Annie, Preparing the way You can find clarity, while you await the passing. Affirm your verity, touch upon the everlasting. Another chance at healing, any previous moments lost. Any turn you've been concealing, having held on, at any cost. A time when a loved one died, but life was too hard pressed, to attend and be by their side, only now is self confessed. Any guilt is erased, as you take up the call. A solemn role embraced, connecting to the All. How it All fits together, even when the parts won’t. Logic loosens its tether, with a new’ do and a don’t’. And so it is, that this grateful man can rest in his, knowing it all began.
@richokun I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm happy to hear that she was able to pass happily! Thanks for being such a great friend to her.
She's lucky to have someone so loving by her side!!
Thank you onesmile - i believe that I am the lucky one.... - She died last night in my arms with grace, her last breath was a purr.....