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this pictures was seen on the previous previews of i miss you... the scene where yoo seung hoo crying was because there was this dead guy in front of him, maybe he killed him? i wonder what ep this pics are?
thanks for the link @ejna...^^
To answer our questions: http://youtu.be/qr1KDQ4n1HM
Is it ep 17.... I saw a wall post in Facebook page of I miss you, it says that its mom in law??? probably the step mom of Jung woo and harry killed her.... FB post of Kate Neave: yes watched the ep17 live stream..assistant joon was arrested and jung woo got a message from his cellphone aout soo yeon..while soo yeon was looking at the cctv in harry's room while harry entertain jong woo's mom n law and suddenly soo yeon came out from the room and found out that the mom n law is dead....joong woo to the rescue and they run away...
i think it's his mom... yoo seung ho is such a great actor...
I also think it a woman... Joe? hmmm....
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