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What's a Pregnant Woman to Do? Several important points worth noting: • Because it's impossible to "prove a negative," opponents of drinking alcohol in general can always and forever say that "no safe limit on consumption has been proven" • There appears to be no evidence that drinking in moderation (no more than one drink of beer, wine or distilled spirits) by pregnant women has ever caused Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) or otherwise harmed a single baby. The burden of proof lies on those who contend that such drinking is harmful and they have not been able to do so. • Women who choose to drink in moderation while pregnant can do so with knowledge that their decision is consistent with scientific evidence. • There is always the possibility that some as yet unidentified harm to a baby might result from light or moderate drinking during pregnancy. • Given the above possibility, even if remote, the very safest choice for an expectant mother's fetus would be to abstain. • Women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant should discuss the matter with their own physician or health care provider.
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