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Luke Godfrey, a junior skydiver in Cape Town South Africa was skydiving like any other day. With about 150 jumps under his belt, he was a decently seasoned skydiver.
A routine training jump went array when Luke’s first chute didn’t deploy properly, sending him into a line twist and dive. Instead of trying to recover Luke cuts away and pulls his reserve chute. Somewhere in the time his GoPro was knocked off his helmet, sending it plummeting toward the ground.
Not 10 seconds after landing on the ground, someone picked up the camera and ran away with it. After searching for hours the skydivers were able to find the people who had the GoPro and were forced to pay a ransom to get the camera back!
how did they get the footage back?
I'd be pretty pissed if someone stole my camera...but it did just fall out of the sky lol
Poor guy! Lol
Hahaha, well that's just unlucky on many levels