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im gonna keep this short. i recently started dating again this past winter after 5 years of being single and really enjoying it after my last relationship which by the way was a performer in the adult film industry. I thought that would be cool, guys it so is not cool, you are not consider a human being you are a commodity and nothing more. The good that came from it was i learned that i believe in monogamy and found that i prefer women with self respect and who actually will make me work for their affection and physical love. I also came to the realization that Jim Morrisson was right he said "People lie about love it is not this magical perfect image. It is an open experiance that can bring much pain, so many people are afraid of emotion that they create this illusion of what love is and those people never truly live." i am probably off on the quote forgive me but my memory isn't the best i used to do a shit load of drugs. Well thats all i wanted to say. ( We now return you to your regular scheduled program which is all ready in progress)
@brett32 Definitely! Even in a break up that's mutual, its possible to still be in love or still have feelings of love even though it's just not going to work as a relationship, but it's easy to just be angry. It's hard, much harder, to be understanding and aware of others besides yourself, which is what I think we should all strive to do :)
Good luck :)
thank you onesmile you know so often when we are going through emotional turmoil we forget that others are going through the same thing. by the way my ex and i are still good friends shes an amazing person it was more the environment we were in that turned it into a nightmare.
Props to you for getting back out there!!! It can take a long time after a bad relationship, I know it, too...we've gotta stay real about what love should mean to us :)