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How To Make Camping Lights
You can make CANDLES and LAMPS out of common camping supplies such as beer cans, soda bottles, or even oranges!!! Light up your campsite with these DIY (do-it-yourself) lights :-)
We'll show you how!

Beer Can Candle Materials:

- Empty beer can
- Tea light candle
- Scissors or knife

Beer Can Candle Instructions:

Step 1: Make a cut starting from the top of the beer can.
Step 2: Cut open a door shape in the can, but be very careful!!!
Step 3: Light the tea candle and put it inside the beer can.

Smartphone Flash Lamp Materials:

- Fully-charged smartphone
- Plastic bottle

Smartphone Flash Lamp Instructions:

Step 1: Turn on the smartphone flash and place it facing up on the table.
Step 2: Place the bottle on the flash from the phone.

Orange Tea Light Materials:

- Orange
- Cooking oil
- Knife
- Lighter

Orange Tea Light Instructions:

Step 1: Cut while rotating the orange.
Step 2: Remove the orange peel (it is important not to remove the pith in the middle of the orange).
Step 3: Pour the cooking oil on the orange pith and then light it.
3 DIY lights…
2 candles…
and 1 lamp.

It is time to camp!

Awesome tricks! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to try the bottle ones for sure.
3 years ago·Reply
You're welcome, it's what we are here for :D Definitely try the bottle one - it is the easiest and looks the coolest~ @yakwithalan
3 years ago·Reply