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How freaky is this. These two women, Niamh Geaney and Karen Branigan, look strikingly similar. You might even say that they look like twins, or at the very least, sisters. But they're not!!! They're totally strange dopplegangers and it's completely freaky.
They met after Niamh and her friends started a project to find their stranger dopplegangers, using a Facebook page, and Niamh was the first one to find an incredible match. Watch them meet, and then do a little makeover to make themselves look even more similar!!
The trio of friends who started the project now plan to help others find their

Do you want to find yours?

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hahaha I still can't believe it they're really not related??? haha
@WiviDemol It is pretty remarkable! But I guess I can see a little bit of difference? What are the chances of DNA making us THAT similar in appearance, anyways...?
@onesmile ahaha so I'm wondering if someone out there looks just like me.yeah there's that very little difference but it's still fascinating.
@WiviDemol Me too! It'd be so weird to just run into them on the street. Like I'd have my mom on the phone in a HEARTBEAT to make sure there's nothing that she has been hiding from me!!
@onesmile haha I didn't think of that one.