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Long before Pharrel was a household name, the Happy celeb wasn't just a guy who wore denim, he was doing denim in a quirky style that was altogether his own. Marking the break away from trends, Pharrel clung to the baggy and lighter variety as LA and NY were going darker and skinnier.
A pair of scissors is all one needs to get this look. Chop up some jeans and pair it with a denim shirt and you're good to go. Notice how his styling pulls this together with the neutrality of blues, the layering and mix of accessories. The Chanel gift bag doesn't hurt, though it's not necessary.
Shredded jeans may have died off in malls of the 90s but that doesn't seem to register with Pharrel. He makes wearing shredded denim look super cool and trendy. The trick is, can just anyone rip up some jeans and call it a day? And still look great? Yes and no. It comes down to styling and owning the look. Fashion Police, among others, herald innovation, avant garde and taking fashion risks. Pharrel's entire concept of fashion is, in my opinion, a risk, but it pays off.
It pays off because he owns his look and styles it with an almost effortless ease. He knows how to edit and wear accessories and jewelry. So before you revamp your denim style, and you really should, understand how accessories and style make it all look good.
I see what you mean @darcyDashwood. That's the funny thing about fashion. It's always evolving. Celebrities can get away (most times) wearing things that don't technically work. Things like mixing denim, which is a no-no and bizarre combinations like the hot pink coat. However, I also believe that a big part of fashion is confidence and attitude. It may not work for everyone, but breaking the rules is part of the fashion continuum.
I'm cringing at the pink coat and the double denim coordination (from the last picture). It seems out of place and it doesn't go well.