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Who doesn't love a full body massage but as a high school student it's out of my budget. However, you can still recreate the SPA experience with a few home ingredients. Let the pampering begin.

FRIDAY: Steam it out

Don't have a jacuzzi? Your bathroom is your new steam room! Hanging a small branch of herb on your showerhead. The running hot water will stimulate an aromatic steam room. This will help get rid of toxin and relax your muscle.

SATURDAY: Get Scrubbing

Remove the dead tissue and smooth out the rough layer you accumulated over the weekdays. Here's an easy mix: Combine 1 each of brown sugar, raw oatmeal and olive oil in a jar. Apply on rough skin and then rinse off.

SUNDAY: Glow and Shine

Prepare your self for another week by energizing your skin. Soothes your eyes with a cooled chamomile tea bag filled with antioxidant. Moisturize your skin with your favorite lotion. Tip: Rub them on your hands to heat it up before applying it on your face. This will help the product to sink into your skin.

EXTRA: Quench Your Skin

Before and after each SPA session your body should be hydrated. My favorite way to detox and to stay hydrate is making my own infused water. Get the recipes here.
I tried the brown sugar scrub this morning and my skin baby soft.
@HairConfetti I happen to get stiff neck pretty often because I sleep on my sides. A hot shower shower usually helps and you can do some yoga stretches.
I shouldn't have stop by here. I'm in need of a SPA session. I've been sleeping in the wrong position and my neck is so stiff. Do you have any tips to relief this pain? @mikayla.
I'll try the showerhead trick with lavender and see how it goes.
I was just thinking about going to sauna this weekend. I need a deep tissue massage to release the stress built up on my shoulder.
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