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So I'm already planning my next setup. I want a board that's just for dancing and a little freestyle. For trucks I'm thinking paris. But I'm not sure about the board I'm contemplating on the mini platypus by simple longboards. Wheels I have no idea. What do you all think?
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@IsaacPaulR what wheel
Probably otang keanu for freestyle and stimulus for dancing. Keanu cause they are tiny centerset with a solid core still, stims cause even when crossstepping, all four stay on the floor cause theyr offset
also check out simple longboards they have a deck called the platypus. just look for anything with a large effective foot platform. also, you will want high angle trucks that are loose with soft bushings and risers are almost always necessary.
@BrendonHolmes I was thinking about one of those. @IsaacPaulR thanks
@BrendonHolmes what size risers do you recommend?