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Tons of monochromatic looks were marched down the runways for the Spring-Summer 2015 shows. Here's how you can wear beige monochromatically without going invisible:
1. Go with unconventional cuts like the Calvin Klein leather tank and just-as-beige high top shoes.
2. Ports 1961 paired beige trousers with on-trend blue shoes, while the sweater's angular neckline was emphasised with a gold band.
3. Gucci grayed out most of the beige and gave the look movement with pops of high contrast details like the shoes, satchel strap and the striped lapel detailing on the jacket.
4. Versace paird long-sleeve tops with shorts. This is great for the tradewind areas this summer. Shorts keep you cool and the layered jacket breaks the wind (or keeps her warm later in the evening or on the yacht).