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alright so it's been a good while since Ive posted anything but I finally got my cam the weather is right where it needs to be now time to get serious.. I really wanna get down slides so if anyone wants to be a aesome and give me a few pointers Itd be much appreciated I wanna be a serious long boarder and you guys can definitely help
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Like can you not do any yet?
if i could give you one statement of advice it would be never go without protective gear. oh and commit. if you dont commit you will eat shit
@jdizzy1000 is right. Always wear a helmet when sliding and commit. When ever I back out and don't commit I eat shit.
I cannot do a push up slide I can do small slides like little power slides but I wanna get the nice slides and Yea gear is good and commitment
All great advise. I would only say watch some YouTube videos not only on slides but, wheels, bushings, different set ups, and most important, safety gear.