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Drape yourself in some oceanic divinity on your wedding day. With the right dress you can go luxe without spending a fortune on accessories. Not yet available for purchase, this million-pearl roped necklace is from and features glints of sparkle from interwoven chain rhinestones.

You can check their site for other pearl options until this one comes on the market. Expect to pay less than $30 as most of the designs cost less than a night at the movies.

For less than the cost of a happy meal, you can rent this six-strand pearl RJ Graziano from one of my favorite fashion rentals, Whether you're renting a piece or a whole collection, the price for whatever you get really depends on the length of time you will borrow the designer finds.
Connected by five silver chains, Elsa Peretti's, Pearls By The Yard, consists of five brilliant pearls form a single strand of elegant beauty. Attention grooms, a Tiffany piece like this would make for a stunning gift to your bride on the wedding day. Don't think of it as a financial set-back. Its conservative $350 price is an heirloom investment for the future.
this is just beautiful and elegant, I love the first one
I like the first design the best of all of them. It just looks more like my style. Can't really explain.
Tiffany necklace is elegance to the max! I like the approach of just a few pearls instead of a million pearls.
I went to the love stylize website. there are a lot of great designs on there. Some seem a bit too large or exaggerated. But, on the whole, the jewelry is really pretty and fun. So my favorite piece you listed here is the first. I like it better than the Pearls By The Yard piece because there's a lot of movement and bulk to it. The other one is refined and nice, but not my style.
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