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Alright everyone, close your eyes (or rather, pretend to close your eyes because you're going to need to keep reading this)
Now picture yourself on a beach, in a forest, in your living room. Where ever you feel most relaxed.
Allow this amazing man to serenade you with everyone from Lady Gaga to the Beatles.
JGL started an online collaborative production company that uses a variety of media to produce short films, books, DVDs, etc. In order to raise money and promote their projects, he is constantly on tour meeting with fans on putting on generally hilarious shows.
I grabbed five of my favorite performances but I'm warning you: you're going to be sucked into the JGL song cover section of YouTube for hours, and you're not going to want to come out.

Oasis - Don't Look Back in Anger

The Supremes - Can't Hurry Love

R. Kelly - Ignition

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

The Beatles - Twist and Shout

JGL is perfect, but he's a little TOO perfect! I prefer my guys with a little bit extra dork. Aka his "500 Days of Summer" co-star Matthew Gray Gubler.
he is cute. I remember the first time I saw him in a movie was Brick. I'm with @kristenadams, not really smitten with 500 Days... But he is cute.
Oh trust me, @sophiamor, I'm in love hahahahha
Angels in the Outfield!!! Never forget!!
His duets with Zooey are my favorite thing ever! I don't really like 500 Days of Summer but their chemistry is so cute :)