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Mulberries are one of the most delicious berries to harvest, but they're only around for a few months each summer so you have to act quick! I used to gather up hundreds off these off of one very large "bush" (tree!!) at my grandma's house. She also had white mulberries, which are delicious, too, but are imported and causing the traditional mulberry some trouble! If you find these, they're so good to try.
WHAT: Mulberries
Yum. Look at that. These guys can get HUGE. They're a favorite of bears, birds, deer and other animals, too, especially once they drop to the ground so be aware that you might have some friends in trying to gather them!
To help ID, the trees usually have roughly oval, toothed, alternate leaves 2-6 inches long. Sometimes theyíre variably lobed, sometimes they're unlobed. The red mulberry's leaves feel like sandpaper underneath. The white mulberry's leaves are smooth underneath. There are no poisonous look-alikes.
You're most likely to find mulberries in residential neighborhoods, parks, in fields, especially along the edges, open woods, and near fresh water. They grow throughout the country, ripening in late spring and early summer
Strong taste, making them most popular in dried form where they're used in teas. Totally stain your fingers (you can use denture cleaner to get the stains out!)
The ripe fruit of this common tree is very dark purple, nearly black, although unripe fruits are reddish.
@sophiamor I think both of my grandmas actually had them in their yard, so it really must be a grandma garden plant
1 mulberry pie, please XD
Though I know the white one's aren't great to propagate because they're not native, they're sure delicious.
This must just be a 'grandma's garden' kind of plant, my grammy has one too! I think I ate every single berry off the bush one summer!