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I think I just figured out why vacuuming is such an impossible task. It's not the chore itself, but what the chore leaves behind: clean carpets with obvious scars of abuse. Then I wonder, why use carpet at all?!
Here are some EASY tricks to help take the sting out while actually getting your carpeting in better shape than it's been in a LONG TIME!


Using 1:3 ratio of white vinegar and drinking water, dampen a hand towel. Use the towel to mark the stains, applying pressure in a blot-like fashion. Cover the area with the damp towel and use an iron 's heat to cause the stain to lift into the towel. Stop ironing when all or most of the stain is gone.

Powder Freshener

Using a 16 oz. box of baking powder, add 10-20 drops of your favorite scented essential oil. THIS IS NOT COOKING OIL. Mix well and ensure the powder has completely absorbed the oil. Store in a secure container and use when needed. It smells amazing! Simply scatter on the carpet and wait a few minutes before vacuuming it up.

Carpet Fluffing

The parts of the carpet that look bald or have been flattened by force of weight can be resurrected. Place a couple ice cubes over the spot and allow to melt. Carefully blot the area dry with a towel. Cover the are with another clean towel and simply iron the towel on Cotton setting. A spoon in its side can be used to stimulate the carpet fibers and begin to perk up.
That powder freshener is a must have. Thanks for providing all this @daniachicago
I always wondered how to get those dented carpet spots to come back to life!!!!!!
Thank you for the information