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Outside Online highlighted a piece of super efficient gear I can't ignore.
Get this: an old, empty peanut butter jar! (Or, any plastic jar, really).
- Water tight
- Super light weight
- Can hold stuff inside
- Can double as a water container
- Can wrap your duct tape around it
- Makes a great first aid kit
- Also can be used to eat if you need to
- Basically it's multi-purpose!
And, it's free! (Well, it is if you plan on eating some peanut butter anyways!)
Try this one out!
This is the funniest DIY. "Take Jar. Use it. Finished" hahaha good work man @yakwithalan
@TrevorGoldley Sometimes its all about just trying to use what you've got in a new way haha
@fallingwater Sure it would, but what piece of gear wont' unless it's really heavy? As far as the space goes, you've got a point, but since you can stuff it with stuff it's not a huge problem.
OK but what are the cons :P wouldn't these crack kind of easy? Take up a weird bit of space since they're not about to be bent or anything?