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Since I posted about how to clean your pups muddy paws, I figured I should handle the human side of things, too. If you have leather boots you might wanna do this differently, but this is how I clean my trail runners!
Thanks for the awesome tutorial pics to Gear Institute.

Steps 1-2:

1. Soak your boots in warm (not scalding hot) water. You can do this in your tub or a bin is you want to avoid needing to clean the tub.
2. Use a cloth to get as much of the grime off as possible.

Steps 3-5:

3. Use a shoe cleaner (not something with nasty detergents in it) to clean the shoes, otherwise you'll take off any waterproofing on them! Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel($8.50 for 4.2 oz.) is a good one.
4. Just squeeze the gel directly onto the upper and rub gently with the brush tip.
5. Rinse the shoe under warm water, and let it air dry at room temperature. Be sure to remove the footbeds to ensure thorough drying.


Now, if you want to re-waterproof your shoes or boots, try Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proof. You'll want to do this during step 5. When your shoes are clean and damp, apply generously with the sponge applicator, wait 2 minutes, wipe them with a cloth and allow to dry! Viola!
Hope that helps! If you want to learn to clean your pups paws, check out this card!
@fallingwater Whatever brand works for you, I haven't really tested many to see which works best I just went with their recommendation for now!
@TrevorGoldley cool, thanks
Everyone should know how to do this, or else your shoes are NEVER going to last. That mud breaks them down you know!!!
Where can I get that Nikwax stuff? Or can it be any brand?
Easy. I don't usually use any specific shoe cleaner though, just warm water. But I'm pretty lucky that it tends to come right off, and I don't mind some discoloration.