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I got invited to this special live SBS Inkigayo which was to celebrate korea having 10 million visitors this year. It was a live broadcast in the SBS Prism Tower and Gwanghawmun. They were really strict about taking photos so I couldn't take any photos beside the one of the stage. Many big stars as well as new stars showed up like Shinee, Infinite, CNBlue, Sistar, Secrets and Epik High. IU was also there as MC. It was an interesting experience to see the kind of behind the scene in a filming studio. I met up with my Kpop supporter friend and we went in together. Just love how much Korea is trying to promote their country and we are getting all sort of benefits like watching something like this for free. The tickets are free but normally fans had to wait in line for the tickets since morning or something. We even got really good seating which was right in the middle near the stage. We also got to see the performances in Gwanghwamun through the big screen. It must be tough for the stars to perform in the cold. Hope Korea will get 20 million visitors next year!
how fun ad interesting!
@soula81 That's awesome, I saw that they're still performing that. I'm sure you're a busy person. :D
@YinofYang they performed don't hate me. looks like i need to look it up...if i only have time XD i heard the mv for dont hate me is very amusing
@soula81 Yes, their "Don't Hate Me" and "Up" were very amusing videos to watch.
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