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Hello everyone! I am sorry for the delay in getting these posts going this quarter, but I have had my hands tied for a few weeks now. Finally, I'm getting around to it!
Today I'll be picking my favorite posts from the Creative Writing community for the last 17 days, since the beginning of April! I put quite a few extra since I went so long without making one of these posts.
I hope that by reading these posts you can find some inspiration for your own writing. I will be aiming to post these every Friday from now on.

Main Feature: Sixteen by ErinJoyCarden

This piece by @ErinJoyCarden is a great example of a longer piece, which we don't see too much of in our community yet! It follows the experiences in a day, trying to not remember that which is painful, trying to just be sixteen. Really powerful piece that everyone can relate to in some way, so make sure to give it a read!

Other Great Pieces to Check Out!

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I enjoyed reading all of these! Thanks for putting the list together
@MarySEW @lindawynn98871 You're both very welcome, and much deserving! Thank you for continuing to share your writing with us.
I am honored you like it.
@greggr, Thank you for mentioning my work.
Awesome @greggr, and congrats everybody. Thumbs up!!!!