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"A wise king once told me, we are one. I didn't understand him then. Now I do." - Rafiki
Sometimes, you hear some advice about love, or you hear what it will be like to be in love or to find your true home, and you dont' really get it. You can't really get it until you are in the moment, and suddenly everything makes sense!
@onesmile Pretty sure that's just because it's the "greatest love story of all time" ha. ha. ha.
@timeturnerjones Yeah I guess there are actually a ton of love stories that basically boil down to be the same plot as Romeo&Juliet. Oops?
@onesmile I....never thought of it that way. I guess it basically is? Two families fighting, two people meet, fall in love, etc. but the details are so different! Like Romeo never tries to be tight with Juliet's dad and all that.....nor does he try to murder him.
@timeturnerjones Yes, that would be too weird. But something with the same story might be interesting? But wait, isn't it basically romeo & juliet?
KOVVVUUUUUU!!!! I wish it wouldn't be weird to suggest a live action version of the lion king. with people. but that would be weird.
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