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To date - one of my absolute favorite pencil/graphite portraits. I spent around 25 hours total on this single illustration. That's about 5-10 hours more than I normally do. I really got into the texture of his skin, the photo I worked from was a production still - a continuity shot taken by the set photographer for the script supervisor - to document Sean Connery's hair, makeup, clothing, etc... to ensure that his look matched any earlier scenes which had been shot - or to establish his look for future shots. The light in this photo was harsh and very dramatic. It showed off the imperfections in his skin, wrinkles, scars, etc... I really wanted to use a high-contrast negative/positive space style to convey the visual information that the original photograph supplied. I used 8B, 6B, 4B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, 2H, and 4H leads. I used wooded pencils and mechanical pencils - from 0.3mm to 0.9mm in size.
this is truly amazing.
I like this too yes!!
Amazing great art
Thank you! The old saying about "being my own worst critic" is absolutely true in my case. I ALWAYS see things in every illustration I do that I'd do differently - or I know I could or do need to improve. I am very happy with the way this turned out. One of those rare times when the image in your head is properly translated to your fingers and the image on the paper is exactly how you envisioned it.
amazing superb perfect sketch great job :).
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