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I did my hair and put red lipstick. dress for success for school today. I feel kinda of pretty β™‘β˜†β™‘
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I agree with @alise. You should list out your eyebrow grooming technique.
I get them thread at the seva inside of wlamart but the lady who normal does them moved. and they got new Idk how they are at it. @Madeleine @alise
Cute. What grade do you teach? Also, what did you apply to your lips? Brand and color? thanks!! @cookiemonster97
@noonmarez I think you meant what grade she's in? lol she's in high school!
@noonmarez I am in high school. is that what you meant to ask? And I use the Nars lip stick and wet and wild lip gloss. And the color is red I also have a pink one. And the lip gloss is a clear.