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Have you ever made a wish and further down the line it surprisingly came true? Or are you working towards a wish? Share your thoughts and stories!
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@Becca1994 You absolutely can make wishes happen. I hope you're able to achieve all those things you just listed. It seems that they're all quite attainable.
Thank you! @greggr
@Becca1994 I got to dance in school plays and made it into a college I liked, lol!! Things like that :) I love your wishes now--all good things.
If I could have a wish it would be to find real love and know the person I loved also loved me and truely held me as deeply in their heart as I held them in mine have never had that would be nice to feel that once in my life
@Gord you'll find that special someone :) I almost gave up when it came to dating guys cuz they were either all the same or the only thing they cared about was being intimate, but then I met someone who is there for me and shows me how much I mean to him. Real love is sadly hard to find these days but being optimistic is the best way to go! :)