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Transform your plain mugs into colorful, beautiful, creative mugs! Just follow these steps
1. Get a white mug. It's easier to work with a white mug so the colors you are going to use show. 2. Get a plastic container and fill it up with room temperature water 3. Get a few nail polish colors. In the picture, I used two colors which were blue and pink. You can use more if you'd like and choose any colors! 4. Put a drop of one color of nail polish in the water and put another drop of the other color in the water as well. Keep putting in drops. Make sure you don't take long to put in the drops of nail polish or it will dry out and not work 5. With a toothpick, move around the nail polish in the water to make a design. 6. When you're happy with your design, gently put the mug in the water. Then, take it back out and you're done!
Did you try this fun activity? If so, leave a comment and tell me if you liked how it came out! This mug can be used as a gift or just for you! Enjoy (:
aww haha thank you so much. I will think of many more cute ideas for you and others to see (: @noonmarez
Cute idea. Yet...another cute idea @jackieBedolla. how many more cute ideas are you going to share? lol
yeah it's very easy! something every girl most likely has (: @sophiamor
This looks so easy! I was expecting to have to buy special paint but I definitely have enough nail polish in my house for this (read: TOO MUCH)
Thank you! And yeah it's pretty fun (: @stargaze
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