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This is that scene all we want to watch and wonder what's going on. XD JaeHyuk's feeding scene. JaeHyuk takes care of GaYoung as she is sick... T_T that's so sweeeeeet. ******************************************** JH : have some. you, lefty, aren't you? JH : why don't you eat?! (feeding) Ah... Ah... (omg!) good job. Don't care about me, just feel easy... GY : you shouldn't have... JH : Do you really think i want it? It's just because there's an important meeting tomorrow... if you're sick, you can't work! (liar! JaeHyuk! XD) So, eat it! JH : Ah, i can't take care of you, i'm a busy person, i've gotta go. See you tomorrow.
OMG!very handsome korean boy
@hyunjane4ver hi! the guy is Lee Je Hoon... XD
this is deleted too....