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Dear Santa, I hope you can see and read this. I believe you are not just a mere rumor but you are alive. I have this wish for Christmas and this is the first time I asked something from you, this wish of mine is to have song joong ki for my Christmas gift. I hope that my wish will come true and that this pure heart of mine won't be shattered to pieces. From, Jenny
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thabks god school end but maybe tomorrow we will get punish ahahaha so wish me luck not to get punish ahahah
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hahaha.. lol you are funny. You guys will be special mention in her class tom. and did the other students laugh as well?
5 years ago·Reply
I'll sleep for now, Good night!
5 years ago·Reply
yep all the class laughed hahahahahha hope she will forget hahaha
5 years ago·Reply
good night
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