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I wrote a letter today and i titled it Dear God i looked blankly at the page i didn't know what to say all i know is that i told my good friend some things going on in my life right now and he gave me this advice ive never heard of before he looked at me straight in the eyes and said send a message up there as he pointed to the heavens, so i sit here and think with my pen to my paper and sit here frozen i just relized im writing to a god I've been brought up around but never really followed what does that make me so i sit her for hours and hours when finally it hits me Dear God i need help, please help me, i need answers to these problems of mine, thank you. and i signed it with an amen the next day i went up to my freind and asked him how long it would take for him to read my letter and he replied as long as it takes but, in the mean time we should visit his house it might persuade him to answer your message i told him ok ill give it a try so that Sunday i walked in the church and it hit me the chill it fealt like someone didn't want me there but i remember my problems so i sit down the man in the front starts to speak in a way that sounds soothing but stern at the sane time and he makes so much sense, he said all the answers i need in life are written in one book i stood up and asked how could one book fit all of life's answers he looked at me and said son, it's your first time here isn't it ,well let's just say this book is like a cheat code for life now cheat codes in general aren't hard to figure out and type in am i correct? i answered i suppose. He then came back and said how can a small sequance of buttons in this game change so much? The answer is because the creator wanted it that way just like God gives you the cheat book for life. It's even labeled from the beginning to the the end I gurentee if you follow the cheat codes he's giving to you, you'll find the answers your seeking. i sat down in amazement so later that night i wrote another letter Dear God ive read the beginning and now believe we all are children and you are our father thank you the men continued this pattern of reading a chapter and then telling his father about each one until. ... He read the last chapter he threw the book down in disgust and he ran to his freind and asked why would God create so much good and then want to destroy it an a war between the devil and him his freind then explained the concept of how this all plays out how the believers will triumph in the end and then he goes home, looks at himself in the mirror and asks was he the answer that i prayed for?
Amazing!!!! I love difference in emotion from your first prayer to the second. The first was seeking help for your pain and the second was being thankful for Him despite your pain. God delights in those who thank Him in the midst of their own struggle knowing He is bigger than any struggle because He has already overcome the world. I don't know if that was what you were trying to express but either way thanks for sharing!
I got a little lost at the end but overall cool piece :) What is the answer, when no one will tell it to us so simply?/
Interesting take on someone discovering--and then disgust--with a certain religion. Ends in confusion, which I think is what many feel when they think about their ideas regarding Christianity, religion and more.