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Daniel, don't worry. We think that proposal was really cute. Even if you girlfriend thought it was shitty!!!!
I honestly feel SO awkward watching this! Clearly, he thought it would be more fun to do a big buildup to ask her to prom...but it seems like Alex isn't really into the cheesy asking style. Yikes!!! Total mis-communication, I think.
I feel even worse about this because while he feels awful, and she feels awful....I'm sitting her clutching my heart for and still cracking up because you can't deny that this is kind of hilarious.
Would you think this is a crappy way to be asked out, too?!
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LOL I don't feel so bad then. I am not alone. When that poor girl burst into tears, I went from a giggle to a belly laugh
3 years ago·Reply
The cringe is real, the cringe is real!!!
3 years ago·Reply
I think the problem is that this guy is really shy/scared and lacked confidence. His entire issue with the car was a glimpse into the kind of guy he is.
3 years ago·Reply
I feel like he should have consulted with her friends or something to make sure this was more....effective? Ugh but it was a cute idea!!
3 years ago·Reply
True, he should have gotten some counsel. Oh and learn.
3 years ago·Reply