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When you find that book that aligns perfectly with everything you love, be it romance, sci-fi, fantasy, vampires, whatever!!, you can't put it down. You find yourself checking that your friends have read it (and buying them copies if they hadn't) and dreaming about it for weeks at a time.
This, my friends, is standard book obsession. And these are the stages.

1. The First Read

It only takes two pages to fall in love with the book. Suddenly, you're torn between skipping ahead to find out what happens, and slowing down to understand every single savory detail of the story. You'll probably end up fast reading.

2. The Re-Read

Now, to make sure you didn't miss anything important. Slow down this time and make sure you don't miss everything. You don't need sleep, its fine. Just read it again and again and again.

3. Internet Crawl

Now you know all the details, so it's time to connect with everyone else as obsessed as you. You guys will be able to overanalyze everything together. You'll also read all the author interviews about the books--don't worry, this is normal.

4. Re-Re-Re-Re-Read

Rereading until you have everything memorized is completely normal. No one will notice when you try to re-enact the scenes in real life.

5. Fan Fics

If this is your deal, we won't judge. Read em', write em', write yourself into them. Enjoy it for a little while!

6. The Slump

You've kind of exhausted your resources of enjoying the story in different forms. Welcome to the slump. Symptoms include loss of purpose, long naps, and grouchiness.

7. It Begins Again!

One word: SEQUEL!!
@timeturnerjones haha. I'm actually rereading a light novel that I've already read and even watched before and I just doesn't get me bored
@GWeeN Good!! i'm not alone in this :D
yep;) I completely agree