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Before tossing your mascara into the bin, find out what you can do with an old mascara wand. I learned the following tricks from A Thrifty Mrs, but I also included some of my own methods.

1. Use it to de-clump lashes.

Mascara are great but putting on two or three layers can make your lashes clump together. This leaves an unnatural effect. Use an old (and cleaned) mascara to soften it out.

2. Use it to groom your brows.

A spoolie is helpful tool when it comes to grooming and shaping your brows. If you don't have one yet, clean your old mascara wand and you use it as an eyebrow brush.

3. Use it to touch up greasy roots.

Here's a trick to apply dry shampoo to your roots: apply the dry shampoo powder with an old mascara brush. This method will reduce the sign of white residue and cover up greasy roots.

4. Use it to tame frizz and fly aways.

If you have little hair stick out you can use an old mascara brush to touch up those areas.

5. Use it to exfoliate dry lips.

Apply your lip product as usually then use an old old mascara to brush away flaky skin.

6. Use it to cover gray hair.

You don't want to use your regular mascara wand for this. Instead, use an old mascara wand and touch up on the grays.

How to clean old mascara wand:

1. Use a paper towel to wipe out excess mascara
2. Wash the wand with warm water and a foamy cleanser.
3. If you want it to be extra clean and sanitized soak it in hot water.
That's it! I'm curious if any of you tried this method before. Comment below if you have any other tricks to add on!
@nannysally you remind me of my thrifty mom - making the most of out of everything. Keep posting these. I also know you're busy but do you take requests?
I thought my sister was the weird one for using old mascara wand to touch up her baby hair. I guess she knows her beauty tricks. I'm never making fun of her again.
All that from a mascara wand?! I love it @nannysally.
I've seen people use toothbrush to exfoliate their lips but never a spoolie!
I've try most of this, it really works.馃憤
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