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I normally don't post in the beauty community but I haven't seen a card on makeup tips for uneven eyelids, so I'm sharing it here. People like myself who struggle with uneven eyes would find this video by Bubz really useful. If you don't have time to watch the video, these are the makeup tips she mentioned for uneven eyes.
1. Use mascara to create an illusion of symmetry. 2. Use false lashes to make eyes appear more even. 3. Emphasize the lashes with an eyelash curler on the smaller eye and apply an extra layer of mascara.
4. Draw thicker eyeliner on the smaller eye.
5. Layer eye shadow look: Use dark shadow on the base and a lighter color above it. Blend it to give a gentle transition.
6. Contour one eye heavier.
7. Use eyelid tape.
Do you have uneven eyes? How do you apply eye makeup?
I'm so glad I stop by the beauty community. This is really helpful. I also have uneven eyes. They're not that noticeable but it bugs me when I apply eyeliner. I usually draw a heavier liner on the smaller eye but I'm conscious about looking like Quasimodo. I'll trying the mascara trick next time.
@HairConfetti I've tried the eyeliner trick and it doesn't look good on me. Which is why I'm double-layering mascara. I was thinking of applying falsies but it's too much work in the morning and I'm not experience at all.
Oh Bubz, she's cute. Also, I didn't know eyelid tape exist. Where have I been?