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I've been using mineral foundations for the longest time but I notice my skin is starting to feel a little dry. I recently made the switch to Laura Mercier liquid foundation so I'm wondering how everyone apply their foundation.
I've done some research and found an article by beauty guru Michelle Phan stating a foundation brush is the best method for a natural and flawless coverage. She demonstrated this using a lemon. Picture #1 - Applied using fingers Picture #2 - Applied using sponge
Picture #3 - Applied using brush
I've been applying the foundation using my fingers and I notice it doesn't really cover well. I want to ask for some advice before purchasing a new tool.
What do you think is a foundation brush better or a makeup sponge? I also heard about a beauty blender. Is that the same as a makeup sponge?
Thank you!
Thanks for all the suggestions! I decided to go with the beauty blender. I was hooked after the beauty consultant at Sephora tried it on me. I love the result. Although I wish it was cheaper!
I'm with @mikayla. A beauty blender is the best way to go but there are cheaper sponge alternative that works just as well.
I'm a fan of the beauty blender. Although using a brush give a good coverage it looks to cakey for me. Maybe it's the way I'm blending it. On the other hand, a beauty blender gives me a natural coverage. Yes, the foundation does get stuck in the sponge but I love the flawless complexion it gives my skin.
Brush! That's my personal preference. It's easier to clean and store.
I've been using a beauty blender and so far it's been giving me a good coverage without looking cakey.