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@ModernRomance posted a card on bridal hairstyle and I was in love with the bow bun hair. If anyone want to replicate that hair but don't know how to do it, here's a picture step-by-step I found on the web. No instructions were listed but it's pretty easy to recreate from the pictures.
You basically tie your hair in a pony tail. Then curl and pin it up into a bun (leaving a section).
Use that section to tie your hair into a bow.
Adorable!!! However, I still don't know how to make the bow.
@alise @AvocadoLove I remember @HairConfetti posted a card on creating a hair bow ( Maybe you can refer to this to complete the bun?
@alise I also feel like a step is missing.
@maymay75 You always find the cutest hairstyles! Also, if anyone is having a hard time tie the bow, refer to the card @AlohaJPark linked. If you still can't get the bow design. I'm more than willing to assist y'all. :)