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Last week I was reading pieces here and there about fashion history, and every so often I would think "How on earth was that a trend!?!? And worst of all, people paid to look like this!" Well it gave me a good laugh, so I made a list of what I thought were the absolute worst trends of all time. 1. Crocs We've all seen them, probably even owned a pair, but no no noooo... and there are a few people out there who make it even worse by wearing the very flattering crocs-ankle socks combo. 2. Juicy tracksuits I know a lot of girls own this particular item, and I don't have a problem if you just wearing in your house because I'm sure they are very comfy, but don't take them out on the streets. 3. Bare midriff Anyone who knows me, knows my biggest pet peeve is girls dressing trashy, I can't deal with it! I don't care if you have the best abs ever, if you are out in a restaurant or a club, you cover yourself up as a normal human being. 4. All denim Remember this one? Haha I can't help but laugh about it. That's it. 5. Platform sneakers Really? Why? It's either sneakers or heels, you can't have both at once.
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that picture of britney spears and justin timberlack is SO. GOOD.
I am guilty of all of these except one. I realized the juicy tracksuit was a problem in my college orientation when someone said I reminded them of "sporty spice"....worst first impression ever. too embarrassing.