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Who is your Uniq Bias? Are you a Unicorn?
Wong Yibo Rap, Dance, Maknae August 5th 1997 Chinese 5'10 Blood Type: A
Cho SeungYeon Rap, Vocal August 5th 1996 Korean 5'10 Blood Type: O
Zhou Yi Xuan Chinese Leader, Rap December 11th 1990 6 ft Blood Type: n/a
Li Wen Han Vocal July 22nd 1994 Chinese 5'10 Blood type : A
Kim Sung Joo Korean Leader, Vocal February 16th 1994 Korean 5'10 Blood type : A
Are you Ready???? coz I'm not!!
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I am a Unicorn but I really don't have a bias :) Love them all ;D
3 years ago·Reply
Oooh first time know this group
3 years ago·Reply
Don't have one.... they are all equally amazing. xD
3 years ago·Reply
Wow I didnt know so many of them were Chinese!
3 years ago·Reply
wowww can't choose yes of course I am a unicorn ;) but can I go with li wen han HAHas ;) <3
3 years ago·Reply