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Hello Vingle Community its me again. This is the first installment of my Six Week Detoxification plan. I will be posting weekly ways that can help you cleanse your body to have it performing at its top. Cleansing your organs helps your body process nutrients more efficiently which gives you energy and better concentration. We are going to start with our Colon followed by Kidney, Liver/Gallbladder, Lymph/Blood, Skin, and finishing of with Lungs. By dedicating a whole week to each section we will have a low impact reaction and help aid the next section by cleansing in this order. By cleansing the Colon first we will cleanse the gut which will be the vessel to carry the rest of the toxins out of the body. Check in tomorrow for a full shopping list for the ingredients we will be using for our cleanse. Just as a reminder this is not a crash/fad diet, never start anything before consulting your physician if you suffer from any conditions that require a specific diet. That is all for today see you tomorrow. Don't forget to follow me.
Alright you've certainly got me interested!
I have a love-hate relationship with detoxes. I love them because they are so helpful. I hate them because when it's time for me to do one, it's always at a time when I've just polished off pizza and a Venti Caramel Frap!! :)