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Q: Is there a way to not get attached to guys? I get so attached to potential love interests so quickly and then once they leave me for someone else it takes months to get over them. Even if we only talked or dated for a month or so. How do I stop getting so attached? And how do I get over them quicker?
A: Leave your responses in the comments for this anon! How can you stop being so hooked on someone you've just met?
actually nothing wrong w being attached.. personally as a man I adore a lady that gives me that feeling of being her king by expressing it.. I think the question is more of why they leave? what is it that leads it to being an unattached situation..
You're not unlike a whole lot of us but I feel the key is to stay busy and get out and meet others to help heal the wound. I feel there is nothing wrong with being a loving person and showing it to the one you're dating. The heartache comes when you're not both on the same page of what, where, how, when you want your relationship to evolve. Then the other person just bails because they weren't ready or whatever reason they have though often the truth is never known. I think the real issue is the lack of closure on the relationship possibly? It helps when both can discuss and understand why thongs are not working out and then move on from that point.
as a woman we all tend to be too emotional. thats why they say our head is above our heart.think logically first then see too it if you're both in to each other then by all means be honest on you feelings or else you will regret it.
@fallingwater is right too. Figure out why you need to cling and deal with that first. Chances are, there are other areas that this manifests that maybe you are not aware of.
@twill has got the answer, I think...
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