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Tarzan is, in my humble opinion, one of Disney's most epic romances (eek! they're just too cute!). And so, why not learn a little bit about love from Tarzan and Jane? They've clearly got it figured out, so maybe they can help us figure it out, too!!

Get to Know Your Partner

What's love if you don't know your S.O? Part of the fun of dating someone is getting to know them, so be thorough! Spend time in your relationship to just be together and get to know each other. You won't regret it! Tarzan and Jane got to know each other, and it totally worked for them.

Always Have Fun

Don't make things serious all the time. Make plans to do something fun and different than your usual routine to keep things spicy and exciting. Dance a little, just like Tarzan and Jane!

Be Yourself

There's no use hiding what you think are your weirdest quirks. They're going to find out eventually anyways, and they'll love you more knowing you're comfortable to just really be yourself around them! Tarzan didn't have a problem with this so try to be a little more like him!

Say What You Feel!

Be open, be honest, and say what you're feeling. Tarzan got Jane by telling her that she should stay, his own kind of love confession, so you should, too. Remind your love sidekick why you love them, and what's going on with you so that there aren't any miscommunications. Oh, and don't forget the Tarzan-esque pose ;)
@fallingwater I just did when I made this!!! Go watch it :) @timeturnerjones Oh my god yeah let's NOT encourage people to get too close without asking lol.
I feel like you should add "have no personal boundaries" to the list because BOY does he get all up in her face sometimes lol
Oh my god I have to watch Tarzan! Time to relearn how to fall in LooOoooVvvveEE!
Easier said than done, Tarzan!!
(but actually that's horrible advice)